Breaking down weetbe mask osaka

The 5 components of the weetbe transparent mask

Componentes de la weetbe mask osaka

Each element of the weetbe mask osaka has been studied and designed to perform a specific function, making it the most complete transparent mask on the market. Today, we have come to take a look at each of the five pieces that make it up, plus the elements that the user can incorporate to have a safer and more comfortable experience.


  • Transparent polycarbonate: this is the main material of the mask, which is very interesting in terms of impact resistance, heat resistance and optical transparency. It is linked to a hypoallergenic elastomer perimeter (in direct contact with the skin) which has been tested to ensure that the mask fits perfectly and does not leave gaps through which unfiltered air enters.


  • Lateral gills: the user can remove them and insert the filters in them. Placing them on the sides clears the central part of the face allowing absolute visibility, which greatly facilitates interpersonal communication. To further enhance the experience with the product, the consumer can also select the colour he/she wishes for these gills: black, white and violet.
Mascarilla transparente filtros
  • Frontal silicone: contains the third filter of the weetbe mask, thus reinforcing protection and ensuring that all the air, both inhaled and exhaled, is filtered. It is a key component of the mask as it allows the incorporation of the fan and weetbe screen.


  • Front and side filters: Proveil filters have been developed by BIOINICIA together with CSIC and are certified by the UNE-EN 149 standard. They are bactericidal, protect against viruses, air pollution, allergies and have a nanofibre filtration system with a pore size more than 10 times smaller than that of conventional materials.


  • Adjustable elastic bands: these are thin, adjustable and customizable rubber strips. As with the side gills, there are 3 colours available at the moment and there is an option for companies to customize it with their own logo.
weetbe cotton white
weetbe electric violet
weetbe black silk
Optional elements that improve the user experience:
  • Fan: the engine powers the ventilation system for increased breathability and a cool feeling. Available in three colors: white, violet and black.


  • Screen: designed to provide extra safety to people and professionals who, no matter what the circumstances, need greater protection. It is anchored in the central part of silicone, completely covering the face and minimizing exposure to the virus.
weetbe mask osaka comercio
consulta médica con weetbe mask osaka

Seven months later, we are in the middle of the production phase of our masks and the first deliveries will be made in mid-late October. We look forward to having them delivered to your home so that you can enjoy them. Thank you very much to all of you for your support and the trust you have placed in the weetbe team. We continue… see you next time!

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