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The osaka weetbe mask has the European certification CWA 17553:2020. The tests have been carried out by APPLUS+ Laboratories. The file number is No. 20 / 2353-1969. The tests have been carried out in accordance with the standards for breathability tests EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019 and Filter medium penetration EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009.

Our mask is reliable, ergonomic and safe. Thanks to its perimeter shape made of hypoallergenic elastomer, the inhaled and exhaled air is 100% filtered, prevents any air leakage and is perfectly sealed to the face.

From the moment the order is placed on the website, it takes two days to process it and deliver it from our production plant to the carrier. Domestic shipments usually take 48 hours, shipments to Europe take 3-4 days and international shipments take 5-7 days.

Yes, that was one of our main motivations, we wanted to create something that would stand up to the “selfish” masks that protect only the wearer. That’s why it is designed in such a way that it filters both inhaled and exhaled air.

The weetbe mask does not have an exhalation valve. The central part also has a filter and has been designed to incorporate the motor and the eye protection shield. In all configurations of the WEETBE MASK the incoming and outgoing air passes through the filters thus avoiding inhaling or exhaling unfiltered air. In this way, it prevents someone who is infected and wears our mask from infecting others.

The mask has been designed with a metallic cover that prevents the filters from being continuously exposed and protects and prolongs the life of the filters, achieving a duration of use of between 5 and 7 days.

The main difference between the weetbe mask Basic and the Original is that the latter has a built-in fan that aids breathability, perfect for people who spend long hours with the mask on. The Pro option, in addition to the fan, includes an eye protection shield that provides greater safety. It is perfect for professionals who are in close contact with other people and are very exposed to the virus.

Both complements are additional elements that can be put on and taken off according to the needs of each user.

The input voltage is 5V for the miro-USB and a consumption of 450mA.

Battery is Lithium-Ion 3.7V with protections and size 16340.

Full charge time with fully discharged battery is 2 hours 30 minutes for 700mA battery supplied.

The motor makes virtually no noise, with a maximum of 36 dBs which is the equivalent of a studio room.

The fan has two speeds. On the first speed it lasts between 6-7 hours and on the second speed 4-5 hours.

Each bag of filters lasts for one month and contains 5 sets of filters (10 side filters and 5 central filters). On the website we sell the filters in packs of 3 months, which costs 19€.

The different sizes vary depending on the size of the wearer’s face. It should be measured with a ruler vertically from the lower eye line to below the chin. Roughly speaking, the vast majority of women wear size S and the vast majority of men wear size M.


● weetbe mask
● 1 month filter pack
● Adjustable upper and lower straps (at the back of the head)
● Earmuffs
● Neck pendant
● Anti-fog spray and chamois cloth
● Black 100% cotton bag for carrying and storing the mask
● 1 set of gills (two side units) and the central component.
● Instructions for use

It is intended for continuous use, so it is perfect for workers or people who are continuously exposed. Our mask has a motor that improves ventilation and, consequently, breathability. Unlike hygienic or surgical masks, elements can be added to further improve protection. This is the case of the eye shield, which increases safety against air contamination by covering a larger perimeter of the face. It is developed with resistant, long-lasting materials so that neither humidity nor impacts affect its efficiency. In addition, the mask can be customised, choosing between the different colours and designs of the gills and adjustable straps.

Yes, recyclable and reusable. weetbe thinks about people and their environment. We wanted to bring to market a long life mask that replaces single-use masks. Our mask is made from fully recyclable materials which helps reduce environmental impact and waste.

The housing of the weetbe mask should be washed with soapy water.

The mask is currently available on our website, and also on Amazon.

The prices of the weetbe mask vary depending on which option you choose. The Basic costs €49, the Original costs €69 and the Pro costs €89. We have special prices for companies or organisations, purchasing a minimum of 10 units.

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