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  • This face shield is designed to protect the user against liquid splashes in general. Field of Use 3.
  • High quality screen with Optical Class 1 so it can be used continuously.
  • PPE 1188-PA19+375 – WEETBE FACESHIELD ADULTS / 1188-PA19K – WEETBE FACESHIELD KIDS is marked with RfU 03.031/V1-IDELT-1-3.
  • The face shield is placed on the user’s head by adjusting the harness until it is perfectly positioned, leaving “hands free” to perform operations.
  • This PPE contains the following materials:
    – ABS upper frame
    – Foam
    – Flexible rubber
    – Optical PC screen



The FACE SCREEN TYPE PPE referenced 1188-PA19+375 – WEETBE FACESHIELD ADULTS / 1188-PA19K – WEETBE FACESHIELD KIDS, has been manufactured by IDELT INGENIERÍA DE DESARROLLO DE PROTOTIPOS S.L., taking into account the general health and safety requirements specified in Annex II of Regulation (EU) 2016/425, which lays down the precise provisions for compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of 9 March 2016 and, in particular, the specifications contained in the Recommendation for Use RfU PPE-R/03. 031 Version 1 based on Commission Recommendation (EU) 2020/403 of 13 March 2020 on conformity assessment and market surveillance procedures in the context of the threat posed by COVID-19, to protect against drops and splashes, as category II PPE.

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Cleaning and maintenance:

Each eyepiece is packed in a bag that protects it from dust and humidity. Store between 5 and 4 ºC, with humidity less than 90%.

They can be cleaned with a soft cloth lightly dampened in a solution of room temperature water and mild non-alkaline detergent. Once washed, dry the screen with a cloth. Do not use the eyepiece until it is completely dry. Keep out of contact with abrasives, solvents or solvent vapors.


1. Locate all the components of the product.

2. Remove the film that protects the adhesive and place it on the inside of the product.

3. Insert the tape through the openings.

4. Unclip the lateral and central anchors. Position the viewer in the groove of the product leaving it with the final shape. Make sure the three tabs fit properly and fold the tabs inward.

5. Peel off the green protective film from both sides.


Adult, Kids


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