The filters of the transparent mask weetbe mask osaka

A transparent, safe and efficient mask

Proveil filters of Bioinicia

When we designed the transparent weetbe mask osaka we thought of creating the complete alternative to the single-use mask. We also looked for a solution to “selfish” masks that do not filter exhaled air. Beyond designing something aesthetic and ergonomic, we wanted it to have a filtering system that was completely safe and suited to people’s needs.

The challenges of weetbe mask osaka

  • The mask had to protect against viruses, bacteria and allergens.
  • It had to be durable to avoid disposal of single-use masks.
  • It had to filter both inhaled and exhaled air.
  • It had to be a transparent mask.

We were able to meet all of these requirements because of the side gill system and the front motor of the design. But most importantly, that whole system had to be efficient and safe.

transparent mask with fan
Fan osaka

Mascarilla transparente filtros
Frontal filter

Proveil filters of weetbe mask osaka

To fulfil our commitment, we chose to use the Proveil filters patented by Bioinicia. These filters have a non-woven nanofiber mesh. The fibre size is 100 times smaller than the standard material. Proveil filters provide a mechanical filtering performance that captures the smallest aerosols, including those containing virus particles. A safe option that filters more than 98% of the air and does not degrade with exposure to moisture.


Thanks to these filters, our transparent mask can be included inside the FFP2 masks. Although it is not yet approved, (it has not yet been industrially produced) both the filters and the materials used are certified; the weetbe mask is hypoallergenic and the filters have been certified under UNE-EN 149 standards.


Also, to be consistent with the rest of the materials of the mask, the filters are recyclable, easily disposable in the container of the packaging. They are replaced every five or seven days depending on the use made. If the mask is used every day for many hours in constant contact with other people or for sports daily, it is advisable to change the filters every five days. In the rest of the situations, they can last seven days maintaining the same level of filtering.


All this makes our transparent mask a durable, efficient and functional alternative.

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