weetbe mask osaka workflow

Evolution of weetbe mask osaka prototyping

We wanted you to know that we are still here, working hard so that you get your weetbe mask osaka as soon as possible. Thanks to your collaboration, and after five months of hard work, we are now in the validation phase of the weetbe mask osaka.


In March we took our first step. We came up with the idea of a mask that would protect more than the current alternatives and that would also have an ergonomic, safe and highly breathable design. We put all our ideas together, improving the designs and sketches day after day until everything fit on paper to be able to materialize it and turn it into a complete mask with guarantees.

mascarilla transparente boceto
mascarilla transparente bocetos

To visualize the mask before developing it, we performed several iterations with rapid prototyping technology. This process helped us to choose the most appropriate design. It was clear to us that our mask had to meet all the needs of the public. It had to be functional as well as aesthetic. It had to facilitate communication and the transmission of emotions. And above all, it had to protect against bacteria, viruses and allergens.


prueba de prototipo mascarilla transparente

Once the final design has been chosen, we start the validation phase using aluminium moulds. This material allowed us to obtain very realistic results through the simulation of serial processes. We tested all the necessary materials, each item.

fabricación de prototipos de mascarilla transparente

The Result? the first weetbe mask osaka

prototipos mascarilla transparente

Now that the time has come for pre-production validation, we see that all of our design and prototyping work was essential in creating weetbe mask osaka. All that remains is for us to fine-tune and refine the final details before our pilot phase at the end of September.

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